Evergreen Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

About Us

Our Staff
Pastor: Dr. Royce L. DuBose
Minister of Youth and Education: Rev. William Peter Burmeister
Music Director: Position Vacant at Present
Secretary/Financial Secretary: Brenda Presley
Accompanists: Judy Robbins, Pianist; Pam Brock, Organist
Who We Are
     Evergreen Baptist Church has been a part of the Evergreen community since 1845. We have proudly served our Lord and this community in many ways over the years.
     Our congregation is warm and friendly and extends a hand to welcome anyone who desires to worship and serve our Lord. Our worship service is a blended service with both traditional hymns and songs of praise. The Word of God is proclaimed boldly and clearly for all to hear and apply to their lives. We unashamedly believe God's Word to be infallible and inerrant.
     We have a family oriented ministry with classes and activities for all ages. There is a place here for you and every member of your family. There are places for you to be ministered to and places for you to minister. We have very active ministries for all ages.
     Please consider this a special invitation to come and worship with us. We look forward to your presence.
Our Town
     Evergreen is a warm and friendly little town just off I-65 in Conecuh County, Alabama. When I think of what might be considered it's claim to fame, every thought for me seems to center on it's Christian heritage and the connection Evergreen Baptist Church has with that heritage. Evergreen Baptist has been blessed with a history of fine Christian pastors, one of whom was the notable Alexander Travis. Evergreen Baptist Church was instrumental in the foundation of the Alabama Baptist Children's Home. The Alabama Baptist Children's Home began it's existance in the city of Evergreen. It was not actually called the Alabama Baptist Children's Home until some time later after it had been moved from Evergreen. There are many other interesting things to learn about our lovely little town, and, yes, it is evergreen. There are beautiful green trees to be found year round. Of course, it is lush with greenery in the summer months when both decidious and evergreen trees are thick with foliage. Come to Evergreen and get to know our town and our people. You will not regret it. And while you are here, remember, you have an open invitation to visit us at Evergreen Baptist.
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